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One Time Password (OTP)

In an effort to eliminate scam listings on our website, we require a One Time Password (OTP) at the checkout. This number can only be an Australian number. Below we detail how it works. 

Submit your caravan details

Click on Sell Online in the top menu, select a package, then enter your caravan details and submit them. See add a listing

Verify Your Mobile

When you click submit you will be taken to the checkout. Enter all your details, paying special attention to your mobile number. Once entered, click on the Verify Your Purchase button, as shown below.

Check Your SMS And Enter Your Code

You will receive a text with a one-time password in it, as seen below. Enter that code into the Verify Code space, also shown below.

Complete Checkout

You can now complete the checkout as normal. Caravan Sales thank-you for being patient with our processes. We assure you that the sole purpose of the OTP is to keep our clients safe by preventing fraud.

Still Need Help?

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