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Your Account: Views vs Unique Views & Button Clicks

You may have noticed the statistics in your account for how many views you get. It will look something like this: 

We’re often asked, what are the differences between Views and Unique Views

The difference is, views measures every view you get, no matter who it is. Unique views only measures the amount of views by different people. If the same person comes back twice, they’re only going to register one unique view. They will however be two views. 

An example

If I visited your listing for the first time, I would count as one View and one Unique View. 

If I returned for another look, I would count as another view. I would not count as a unique view this time. 

Button Clicks

Button clicks are to some extent self-explanatory. The main thing you need to understand is what buttons are being clicked. The buttons in question are the ones at the top of your listing. See below. 

You can see in the example below that this listing has had two direct messages, one person clicked on the map (Get directions) and someone else wanted to see the phone number. (Phone numbers remain hidden until clicked to reveal them.)

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