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Why Can’t I Find My Listing / Caravan? Where is my listing?

This is a question we get asked frequently. The answer lies in the way the website works.

Why You Can't Find Your Listing

Boosted Listings Come First

You can pay for a temporary boost to have you listing zoom to the top of the listings. If you're on a standard listing, boosts will be in front of your.

Featured Listings Next

A featured listing will always display higher than a standard listing. Unlike Boosts, Featured listings do not run out. A Boost will display higher than a Featured. Standard will be below Featured.

How To Find Your Listing

Look Beyond The Boost / Featured

If you have a standard listing, you will need to click through the listings until you get past the promoted listings.

Use The Search Bar

In the video below, we show how this works. We search for "Jayco Swan" and get two pages of results. We can easily find out Swan in those results.

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